Acupuncture Billing Services


Are you worried about diving into the unknown insurance world as a first-time practitioner? Are you an insurance practitioner disappointed due to the complexity of the billing for Acupuncture? We at MedStar Billing Services understand clearly the needs of each registered Dietitian, physical therapist, and Acupuncturist. We can help you to reduce office hours, minimize paperwork and receive higher and quick insurance compensation.

We are fully aware of the complications of insurance billing along with knowledge and experience to deal with every kind of issue related to your practice. Allow MedStar Billing Services to manage all of your claims and billing to spend more time with your patients and expand your business. We offer professional acupuncture billing services for insurance which means you can depend on our services. So, you can let us manage all of your acupuncture billing and have peace of mind

Exclusive Acupuncture Billing Service offered by MedStar Billing Services

It is important to send claims quickly and accurately. However, recording and collecting payments is also very crucial. It requires time and hard work to record and look after how much a claim has been paid to you. Sometimes, you have to call the examination paper EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) or even analyze the company website of individual insurance to get further information about the claim payment.

Some acupuncture insurance billing companies also need to scan each EOBs for them. This could be a time-consuming process. MedStar Billing Services go through all the insurance EOBs via electronic databases and neglect this step. You will also get information about monthly payments and feedback to the providers and update it in our database available for each provider.

There is an exclusive database for each of the providers which contains all kinds of patient information about finance and history. In this way, it’s quite easy for practitioners to keep track records of their finances.