Cardiology Billing Services


Cardiology billing services can only be done perfectly by experienced professionals due to the complicated diagnostic protocols and rapid evolving technologies. Speciality is leading towards complications only due to the constant advancement with ever changing codes for all processes. Except that physicians don’t have enough time to manage Cardiology Billing services.

Due to the frequent changes in cods taking place in processes like angioplasty, repair, ECG recording and stent replacement. In this way cardiology practices lose a good amount of money due to the incorrect billing.

We have an experienced team of certified billers and coders fully aware about the recent developments and advancements in cardiology billing. They possess all technical skills with complete awareness about complex MACRA rules. We have enough ability to find and fix medical billing system issues and increase revenue.

Expertise Cardiology Medical Billing Services

Our team of medical billing have consistent and knowledgeable professionals with full confidence to create smooth billing functions for our cardiology clients. Our client base is extended over 50 states of the USA with a range of physician practices and hospitals. We have proficient coders of CPT, HCPCS and ICD-9/10 coding based on AMA and CMS guidelines. All of them have certifications from (AAPC) American Academy of professional coders.

Implementation of best practices for Cardiology Billing

We completely understand the list of suitable modifiers and codes provided by CMS for cardiology billing to make sure that we are bound to it. We implement various billing processes on the basis of whether a patient was outpatient, inpatient treated on the same or another day. Our experts are aware about the cardiac surgery pre authorization necessary to avoid authorization denials. 

We use EHR systems which can help to avoid wrong documentation and ensure high quality clinical documentation. Cardiology does see a number of changes in procedures and sturdy clinical documentation processes will help you to be compliant.