Dermatology Billing Services


MedStar Billing Services offer dermatology billing services across the USA. Dermatology billing is one of our areas of expertise which has been one of the complicated tasks as well. Dermatology needs detailed reporting about skin lesions which includes precise location, size, and information about procedures such as excision lesion destruction and biopsy. Most of the CPT codes that are used in dermatology are subjected to different rules and it requires a complete understanding of post-op and modifiers.

Aside from complexity, dermatology has also observed growth in practice workflow. There are a great number of dermatology practices that have also extended their services from surgical and medical to provide a great range of cash-based and cosmetic services. Moreover, it needs practices to develop processes, technology and manage performance across various service lines. At this point, a revenue cycle management collaborator such as MedStar Billing Services can add value to your business.

Our Billing Experts know Practice Workflow

Our team of medical billing has certified billing experts and consultants. We also have a toolbox to help your practice with each challenge you may have to face. All of us will work together to ensure that your practice operates at its best possible level and provide complete support during any practice transitions like practice growth or staff changes.

You are not giving your practice control to any third party when you decide to outsource your dermatology billing to MedStar Billing Services. Rather we consider ourselves as joining your team to become a part of your business. We will be working the same as your back office and we will always be a call or email away.

We Assist Practices with Cash-Based Revenue Streams

Most of the dermatology billing services charge based on a percentage of collections that is how we operate at MedStar Billing Services. The reason is that we get paid only when you will get paid. But we always consider this bond as a step further as compared to the other revenue cycle management services while leaving the cash-based services out of the mix.