Home Health Billing Services


MedStar Billing Services Offer custom and most flexible Home Health Billing services solutions according to the needs of a physician. We offer the most reliable medical billing solutions and services to clients. Each of the collections and billing proposals will be created by following a thorough inquiry of your current collections and billing needs. MedStar Billing Services has been working hard to provide definitive medical billing solutions.

Stay on Top of Medicare Regulations

It is necessary to comply with the clinical and billing regulations when it comes to Medical claims management. MedStar includes the following processes into billing agreements:

  • Access to the compliance and clinical experts each time a question arises.
  • Review of ICD-10 codes for support of the medical necessity
  • On-site clinical compliance audit without any additional cost
  • Performance of Billing compliance audits on each Medicare final claim

Best Financial Practices for Home Health Services

To ensure the long-term financial health of a practitioner, accurate reporting is considered one of the important tools. We offer different reports about medical billing and collections. MedStar follows a proactive approach to keep our clients on top of their billing solutions.

Our clients also get some additional benefits of personalised educational training and resources.

  • Patients Billing reports except for Medicare
  • Regular Medicare Billing Reports which shows all the billed and unbilled claims of patients
  • Monthly Overdue Claims reports which reflect the Overdue Claims status

MedStar Billing Services can also prepare a monthly report about accounts receivable recognition which reconciles and summarises Home Health care services revenue cycle activities and offers valuable admission and episode stats along with the stats of accounts receivable, revenue, and cash collection trends. You will also find a journal entry in this monthly package which can easily customise the chart of accounts with quick monthly revenue cycle activity into the general ledger system.