Laboratory Billing Services


Laboratory Billing Service: ClientFirst

We at MedStar Billing Services completely understand that clinical and reference laboratories face a formidable number of challenges. The complications in clinical laboratory billing, insufficient legal applications, and challenges to accessing information can impact your business growth and success.

We have been working with hospital and independent clinical outreach and reference labs for many years and successfully developed one of the best lab billing and coding management services. Our laboratory billing services can easily manage small-dollar and high-volume claims to improve the laboratory collection rates and get revenue cycle management insights via detailed reports of financial management.Our team of professional billers and coders will easily manage all aspects of the laboratory billing which include both professional and technical aspects.

Our team of laboratory billing will work with you closely at every step to create a customized strategy of laboratory billing to meet your business objectives. 

Our laboratory billing services are not just limited to standard medical billing practices. We offer responsive services to our clients to grab opportunities that arise like competitions with national labs, upfront collections for patients with high deductibles, changes in reimbursement rates of laboratories, and taking part in crucial ACO discussions. We also address the needs of our clients and much more. Our manager will work as a part of your team and be available at any time you want to ask a question. You will get instant information and details about different healthcare challenges which can affect your laboratory.

Laboratory Billing Analytics and Business Intelligence

The process of the revenue cycle is quite important to create and get financial information about a laboratory and its productivity, operations, and service quality. Mostly, the laboratory practice leaders require easy access to the current data through downloads, dashboards, and reports.