Mental Health Billing Services


Are you looking for the mental health billing services or claim processing? You can allow us to handle all of your mental health and claim processing services. MedStar Billing Services has a team of mental health billing specialists with a lot of industry experience. We can help you to connect with professional counselors, social workers and psychotherapists to offer you services of mental health billing in a proper manner.

You are always committed to offer outstanding therapy services and support to your clients as a mental health professional. That is your passion and you would definitely want to spend most of your time and skills there. There are many social workers, therapists and mental health professionals who get stuck just because of their poor billing services due to which their business suffers.

However, by partnering with the professional mental health billing providers like MedStar Billing Services you can take the headache away from yourself in no-time.

Mental Health Billing Services Which You Needed

We collaborate with the social workers, therapists, psychologists, and counselors to offer seamless mental health billing services as your trusted billing services providers for mental health. You can get our billing services at a market competitive cost. We have a good number of clients who enjoy getting mental health specialists’ support to manage their management needs.

We can help our clients with account management, patient onboarding, and all other aspects of the billing.  We will coordinate with insurance companies, verify patient advantages and send out statements as needed.

Our psychotherapy billing services include:

  • Verification of Benefits: Co-Payment Confirmation, maximum visits allowed per year, and deductible.
  • Claims Management: Connect with the insurance companies via a call to check the status of unpaid claims, appeal denials, and refile claims.
  • Account Management: Replying to the patient account inquiries, mail outpatient statements, and much more.
  • Monthly Reports: Analyzes of monthly reports having reference to aged and income receivable.