Oncology Billing Services


Oncology is a long term and complicated process along with extensive plans for cancer treatment, prevention and cure. That’s why the process of Oncology Billing needs complete and in detail treatment documentation and on time follow-up with the insurance companies to get reimbursements. To receive the appropriate reimbursements it requires accurate medical billing and coding at the end of each phase.

Besides, complexity of the Oncology billing process,compliance policies and codes also keep changing with time. Most of the time payers are not aware about the latest technology that leads to a significant reduction in reimbursements because of insufficient understanding about the process and not proper understanding about standards of reimbursement.

Moreover, Oncology is a multidisciplinary field that requires surgeries performed by experts from other medical fields and mental health and post-operative trauma experts to help patients with their mind and health recovery. Such complications require billers and coders who need to make sure accuracy while medical billing and coding. We have a team of expert billers and coders possessing unique skills and expertise which no one else in Oncology billing. By outsourcing oncology billing services you can get multiple patient care advantages and reduce the administrative backlog.

Expertise in MedStar Billing Services Oncology Billing Services

Our professional medical billers and coders team possess vast years of experience in oncology billing. We have a large client base that encompasses all 50 states of the USA covering a wide range of physician practices and hospitals. We have medical billers and coders who are proficient in CPT, HCPCS, and ICD-9/10 coding which is based on AMA and CMS guidelines.

Our experts in Oncology billing completely understand that billing for Oncology requires expensive treatments, chemotherapy, mental health interventions, extensive surgeries, new technology, and expensive treatments with long-term treatment plans. They have the ability to differentiate between additional and Bundled procedures.