Ophthalmology Billing Services


Account reimbursement and on-time billing are directly interlinked to the financial stability of your practice. We have vast years of experience in offering ophthalmology billing services to a great number of healthcare providers and practices across the USA. Outsourcing high-quality billing services is one of the important steps that you will take about the business aspect of your practice.

Your ophthalmology billing company must have enough experience needed to manage the complications of ophthalmology billing and coding. Let MedStar Billing Services take off the headache from you and offer you some mental peace. You can visit our website to get more information about our billing services, important details about our ophthalmology billing services, and references.

Your Ophthalmology Billing Company

An Ophthalmology billing company can help your practice to increase reimbursements. 

Outsourcing ophthalmology billing services would be more effective and efficient instead of hiring an in-house billing team.

The claims adjustment rate of about 20% to 35% is usually considered better. At MedStar Billing Services we have experienced billers and coders with enough knowledge and ability to keep adjustment rates lower consistently. We have achieved AR rates for our clients that are higher as compared to the average industry numbers. You should get our Ophthalmology Billing Services to get a high average return for each processed claim.

MedStar Billing Services is more than a claim processing center because we provide multiple billing services. Our modern billing system produces accurately coded claims daily and submits claims electronically. After processing the superbills payments can be received in less time as ten days than the time of 3 months.