Orthopedics Billing Services


The process of Orthopedics billing needs proper documentation before and after the visit of a patient. The billing team of  a practice needs to document carefully and then charge for the services offered by the practice. Incase of errors such as incomplete patient demographics entry can also result in a rejected claim or denial.

Orthopedic billing is more complex as compared to other specialities due to which it requires a deep understanding of providing orthopedics services. Almost 30% to 35% of the orthopedic surgery claims are not correct and out of them 25% of the medical claims get rejected. Such kind of high denial rates can also lead to the bankruptcy of your practice.

Hiring an in-house orthopedic billing team and providing proper training to your team will help you to avoid serious penalties but the process of orthopedic billing is very complicated and difficult to sustain by an in-house team.

However, the best way to reduce your stress from your start and increase revenue is outsourcing your billing requirements to an empowered billing company like MedStar Billing Services.

Medical Billing & Coding Services Expertise in Orthopedics

At MedStar Billing Services we have an extended  client base across all states of the USA that cover a range of physician practices and hospitals. We have professional coders who are well aware about the HCPCS, ICD-9/10, CPT coding guidelines provided by AMA and CMS. Here we would like to mention that we have vast industry experience and offer orthopedic billing services.

Applying best practices for Orthopedic Billing Services

We are completely aware about the variations involved in orthopedic billing like plc reconstruction, arthroscopies and correctly bill pain pump insertions. Our team of certified and professional coders will work with you 24/7 to prevent issues caused due to the incorrect modifiers used.