Podiatry Billing Services


Podiatry is the field of medicine which is concerned with diagnosis and treatment of injuries and diseases of the human foot. Moreover, Podiatric deals with diagnosis and surgical treatment of the ankle, lower extremity and foot disorders. The medical mechanical, surgical and physical treatment of the foot is also included in this speciality.

Podiatry billing could be very complex due to many reasons. It starts with the requirement to prove and determine the medical treatment necessity to the coding nuances. Except that primarily podiatry practices also treat the elderly, requiring additional billing efforts. Moreover, it also requires the careful use of the modifiers and understanding of billing codes for comprehensive procedures. Most of the podiatrists get services of an in-house team for billing believing that they have good amount of knowledge and experience about podiatry billing. 

Most of these resources don’t have enough expertise to record, track and unpaid consistently.That’s why it is required for podiatrists to outsource Podiatry billing from experienced and professional billing companies like MedStar BIlling Services. We are one of the industry’s pioneers in offering podiatry billing services. We can help your practice to improve their collections consistently over 23% with best practices and seasoned resources. We will also reduce your denials by over 25% by identifying and solving key problems of Podiatry billing.

Implementing Best Practices for Podiatry Billing 

You may also know about the fact that a great number of Podiatry claims get denied due to many reasons such as the services provided by them are not being covered, coverage termination by the payer or due to the maximum advantages for Podiatry billing services has been provided. It is possible to change the insurance details at any moment and we will also check the details of insurance and coverage each time. We also make sure that the patient completely knows about the insurance treatments not-covered by the insurance through preventing more denials. We make sure HIPAA compliance at each stage of the billing and coding procedure.