Psychiatry Billing Services


There are a number of billing system methods which can be overwhelming for a practice healthcare provider. If coding is not maximized or done poorly, rejection rates get skyrocketed, claims get

 late, AR continues to grow and pushed to the latest dates. After some time you may feel that there are a lot of things to be done. If you throw it into the process of government rules and regulations it will get overwhelming. You may ask yourself at some stage whether you should continue to handle billing internally or outsource billing services.

Our team at MedStar Billing Services follow proprietary and accurate methods specially designed for therapists, psychologists, mental health practitioners and psychiatrists. We begin medical billing with alayzes of the practice for potential income opportunities and RCM(Revenue Cycle Management) gaps. Then we will configure and set up both your practice workflow and software by following the best practices which upgrade workflows to generate maximum revenue. 

At the end we will assign a mental health billing expert or psychiatrist to your practice to perform all kinds of billing functions along with management of our proven process. Everything will remain in check with our managed rules engine that is why we offer medical billing services in the industry with lowest claim denials. With our Psychiatry claims processing services we can add great value to your psychological, mental health or psychiatric practice by getting you paid in quick time.

Benefits of Getting Psychiatry Billing Services

Medical Billing is one of the time consuming and complicated tasks. It can have a profound and immediate impact on your practice if you don’t get it in the right way. 

  1. We will assign a dedicated billing expert for your practice for billing claim processing.
  2. Review of Monthly performance and improvement of practice implementation
  3. With our Psychiatry billing services you will get the lowest claim denial rates with customized Psychiatry Behavioral Health that is managed by Rules Engine