Radiology Billing Services


One of the biggest challenges for radiology practices includes an increase in infrastructure costs, a decrease in reimbursement rates, and shifts in the payer mix. Currently, it’s more important to make sure that you maximize the reimbursements and maintain profit. Some unique parts of the radiology billing could be challenging for radiologists. 

Radiology billing services utilize imaging techniques to diagnose and cure diseases. There are different shades of radiology because of it,s constantly evolving technology and treatment methods. Sometimes, there could be some additions to the CPT codes that are used by practice for radiology billing and it requires attention consistently.

There are two billing components for radiology billing which makes radiology different from the other specialties. One of them is technical components while the other one is a professional component. 

Each time a radiologist uses radiology dyes, machines, and apparatus they will be billed under technical components. While each time the radiologist provides details about the diagnostic results they will be billed under the professional part.

We have an experienced team of radiology billers and coders with full knowledge and training with a complete understanding of the complications of radiology billing. They forecast the influence on the revenue of radiology practice by ignoring the differentiating act of technical and professional components of radiology billing.

Implementation of best Radiology Billing practices

We have a professional team of medical billers and coders who completely understand about different requirements of radiology billing and try to create a denial-free claim submission process for practice. We are completely aware of the fact that radiology is invisible from the use of any advanced tool. Moreover, we also try to focus on significantly decreasing denial rates and improving collections via clear procedures of claim submission.