Telemedicine Billing Services


Telemedicine billing could be very tricky and with the arrival of COVID-19 the telemedicine is almost changing everyday which means it’s quite difficult to keep up with these changes. Guidelines for telemedicine are still in the process. Actually, the rules for billing telemedicine are not just changing quickly but they can also be changed from payer to payer.

We hope we will get the point to have clear guidelines about telemedicine billing across all the payers. However, medical billers require answers at that moment to their billing questions. What type of codes should they use? How should they bill telemedicine? 

Most of the medical practices of the USA use only a primary set of telemedicine billing codes which are specially designed to help out the payers, patients, providers and patients to know about the coverage along with the medical necessity of the process.

How To Get Reimbursed for Telemedicine

It could be very tricky to get the reimbursement for telemedicine services and there is no donut about it. The reason is that guidelines about the telemedicine reimbursement keep changing on the basis of the payer. Even still they keep changing as more of the healthcare industry moves on the telemedicine campaign.

Our team of telemedicine billing have done great research to answer some common questions we usually get from the providers to help you through the reimbursement and telemedicine billing. What is the difference between reimbursement for private payers, Medicaid and Medicare? Which things you must know about telemedicine state policy? How to bill for telemedicine? At the end telemedicine reimbursement can be changed to a great extent on the basis of your state, services, third party payer and practice.