Medical Transcription Services


Medstar Billing services has announced the availability of medical transcription services to hospitals, clinics, and physician offices across the US. Medstar billing services is a professional medical biller and coders’ association in the US that offers custom medical transcription services for every specialization to improve efficiency and administration for healthcare professionals.

Recording records for medical care is a highly vital step for ensuring efficient patient care and reimbursement. Additionally, doctors will appreciate professional support and assistance to help free up office staff, resources, and infrastructure amidst the constant demands for in-house patient care, medical emergencies, and administrative needs. Medstar is armed with highly proficient transcriptionists, who have been continuously upgraded in their capabilities, can efficiently market their services to provide impeccable and well-optimized medical documentation services.

Our Cardiology Transcription services

Patient Visit reports

  • Pre-surgery report
  • Reports from post-surgery
  • Consultations
  • Notes on Referral

Specialist cardiologists require high precision, quick turnaround time, and an active support system to meet their transcription requirements. Cardiologists have been searching for local transcription experts in their towns with the ability to dictate in many different ways and delivery options for health records. For medical transcription services, we have many years of expertise and experience in medical transcription; connect with us for the most effective solutions.

Catering to All Correspondence and Reports in the Field of Podiatry, Our Transcriptionists Are Skilled in:

  • Pre-operative and Post-Surgical Diagnostics
  • Indicators
  • Operation description
  • Notes from SOAP
  • Referral Letters

Podiatrists can refer patients for various radiology tests, such as CT, MRI, or bone scans. They refer patients to specialists in medicine as well as for pathology tests. Being the doctor’s representative is the basis of correspondence, so these reports must be precise and tailored to the podiatrist’s recommendations.

Accuracy, quality, and turnaround speed are our medical transcription services; podiatrists prefer them. Reports that are well-documented within a 24-hour TAT and the flexibility of options for dictation, including toll-free transcription and the digital recorder, have been why podiatrists have recommended Medstar billing services to many people within their specialization. For the best medical transcription services for podiatry with expertise in EMR, request a quote. We’ll connect you to the most suitable options.

Our Pathology Services

The services of pathology transcription are specialization in medical transcription. They are an essential requirement of adequately organized and top-quality reports on pathology. As with all other areas in medicine, the final product of pathology will always be a written report. Pathology specialists require the assistance of highly skilled and knowledgeable medical transcription services. Medstar hopes to offer just the proper support – a well-trained and dedicated resource that can handle every aspect of documentation. Incorporating e-labs in EMR Pathologists will require the report’s turnaround time to be reduced and specialist transcriptionists to assist them.

We Provide the Following Pathology Transcription Services

  • Description of the Specimen
  • Diagnostic Specimen
  • Notes on procedure
  • Comments and observations on pathological conditions
  • Pathology consultation notes

Each pathologist requires a fully customized medical transcription and documenting service according to the specific needs of each practice. Our medical transcriptionists provide services to practices of all sizes across the US with very competitive prices and a fast TAT. They also assist in optimizing the cost of documentation by investing in their company’s infrastructure and making it cost-effective for doctors. With a team of highly-skilled, independent, and knowledgeable medical transcription experts, we aim to provide greater efficiency and better administrative skills for healthcare professionals.

We can accommodate various specialty transcriptions. Still, our experience spans years in pathology transcription, which is extremely precise, HIPAA compliant, and seamlessly connected to an EMR that you prefer. We take security and privacy issues seriously and provide strict data security that includes up to 256 bits of SSL encryption. For more information about our services in medical transcription, we invite you to reach us by calling us at

Phone (407)337-5901



The need for documentation and press-related documents and the unique requirements for knowledge for the discipline of Oncology has caused oncologists in the nation to search for help for their medical transcription needs. In managing cases of critical patients and providing counseling to nervous patients, the most important thing on the minds of oncologists is their medical records. They rely on their transcriptionists to handle their medical forms. Oncologists are under immense pressure to provide medical documents to other specialists, hospitals, surgical centers, and referring doctors to address all specialties. The agencies must cooperate to deliver the proper oncology treatment to patients.

Any mishap in their availability and accuracy, and consistency could influence the reputation of an oncologist. Medical transcriptionists who are skilled and have proven experience in the quality of service are the most important thing for doctors.

Our medical transcription experts can provide:

  • 100 percent accuracy for all reports
  • Transcripts are delivered within hours of the dictation
  • Multiple delivery options using secure mail or via FTP
  • Integration of services in oncology-specific EMRs

To locate the most effective local medical transcription companies, request a quote, and we’ll connect you with the top options.

Medstar Billing Services

Medical transcriptionists from Medstar Billing services specialize in accurate and professional medical records for all practice sizes across the US.

  • HIPAA certified multispecialty transcription
  • Transcripts will be delivered on the following business day
  • Integration seamless seamlessly with every EMR software
  • Protection for your data is robust, with up to 256 bits of SSL encryption
  • Backlogs, support overflows, parts-time requirements
  • 24/7 support for customers offered by dedicated account managers

Medstar Billing services are fully customized features based on customer feedback and reliable and continually upgraded to keep up with rapidly changing trends in the healthcare industry. We also offer a full array of support services that include the coding and billing of medical bills, the most recent health compliance, and complete consultation solutions to meet your administrative, strategic, and operational requirements, with unbeatable cost savings.

Our medical transcription services, along with numerous highly-skilled, other highly-skilled highly-skilled other ancillary services, will improve efficiency and workflow while reducing costs and making also make it easier to implement the appropriate usage for Electronic Health Records (EHR).

Since the introduction and use of the EMR facility, the documentation for healthcare requirements has changed recently. In light of these changes, our specialists can work with the EMR you prefer and assist you in integrating your old documents into your EMR using data conversion services and typing directly in your EMR.